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Environmental Hygiene


Hygiene in air conditioning plants - VDI 6022

The workplaces ordinance in conjunction with VDI 6022 request controls of air conditioning plants to be conducted regularily. The water of humidifiers is to be checked every fortnight. Additionally, meticulous inspections are to be carried out every 24 or 36 months in order to demonstrate the hygienically non-hazardous state of the plant.

These regulations are applicable on all plants that are regularily operated for more than 2 hours or more than 30 day per year, thus on nearly every plant, including temporary ones.

Although the controls and inspections are only required on a normative basis, forgoing leads to a reversal of evidence in case of illness and mailaise of personnel. The evidence that a staff members unspecific symptoms are not being caused by a non-inspected AC plant can be difficult and very costly. Regular inspections might be the cheaper solution.

We are conducting such controls and inspections independently. We will notify you on findings that may result from defaults with regard on planning, installation and operations of your AC plant, but we have no interest in generating unnecessary change and maintenance to your plant.

We are qualified according to VDI 6022, Cat. A and are allowed to sample, to conduct controls and inspections in your plants. As we also have a license according ยง 15 radiation protection ordinance, we are able to conduct such inspections in surveillance and controlled areas of nuclear facilities.

We would be pleased to place an offer to your request.

Mould - an often underrated hazard for your workforce

In many sectors contamination or infestation with mould are found. In buildings, containers, on packages or fill mass. Some mould spores are allergic, others mould species are producing chemical toxins, some of which are cancerogenic. Other mould species are completely harmless. Concerned staff can be heavily irritated.

An adequate concept is necessary as every action binds capital and workforce. Based on samples and a microbiological determination we are able to exclude hazards or to narrow the actual hazard down. Based on the identified hzards we elaborate a concept of actions and precautionary measures. Clear advice is reinstalling the condidence of your workforce and ensure the regulatory compliance of the company.

Our Services:

  • Sampling of surfaces and air
  • Microbiological determination of genus (in some cases also species) at our laboratory partners premises
  • Classification according to hazard class of microorganisms
  • Determination of safety class
  • Elaboration of safety precautions
  • Monitoring of remediation measures

Do not hesitate to contact us - we will make you an interesting offer.