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Our Network

To provide for all necessary qualifications and abilities for complex projects within the own company would not be competitive. Therefore we rely on our proven network for some tasks. In the following we focus on persons and companies with which we maintain an established and well-proven partnership.

We multiplex our strenghts on the field of special wiki systems with the company GmbH & Co KG. has established a solid base for content by launching its widely noticed semantic::apps suite. On this basis we elaborate i.a. document, quality and work safety management systems, which profit from the inuitive access, the extraordinary usability and from the integration of existing systems and databases via the semantic::connect solution. The latter is capable to read from over 80 database formats, including SAP, Oracle, Informix and many others.

Robert Horst - buero fuer japanfragen

We work with buero fuer japanfragen since several years for our Japanese customers. Robert Horst is not only an excellent translator and interpreter, but is capable of building intercultural bridges and thus to prevent many misunderstandings.

Vicon GmbH

For ViCon GmbH we offer and implement the ViFlow software package for Process modelling. The package, based on Visio and Access is also reckognised for its usability and high productivity.

IGU Institut für Gas- Umwelt- und Isotopenanalyse

Dr. Salvamoser is not only one of our shareholders but also an imptortant partner for all analytical questions, ranging from chemical to radionuclide analysis.

sat. Kerntechnik GmbH

With and for sat. Kerntechnik GmbH we have worked several times. The feedback from the hands-on dismantling is an important input for our consulting.