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Memberships in Professional Associations

Staff is currently listed as member in the following associations:

  • German-Swiss Association of Radiation Protection Professionals
  • German Engineering Association
  • German Project Management Society


the company, respectivly its staff holds the following qualifications, examinations and classifications:

  • License to work in nuclear facilities according § 15 German Radiation Protection Ordinance
  • Authorised Radiation Protection Engineer Class 4.2
  • Security Clearance AtZÜV Cat. 1
  • Radiation exposed personnel Cat. A - under continous dosimetric surveillance
  • Authorised for all Abestos Abatement Works according TRGS 519 Annex 3
  • Qualified Hygiene Inspector accordig to VDI 6022
  • SCC Qualification for operational supervisors according SCC Docs 015 and 017


We are using the following software:

  • Radiation Protection
    • Grove Microshield
    • Grove Microskyshine
    • Grove Raddecay
    • Radpro Calculator
    • RESRAD Family of Codes
  • Sampling, Visualisation
    • Visual Sampling Plan
    • Golden Software Grapher
    • Golden Software Surfer
    • e!SankeyPro
    • MS Visio
  • Process Modelling
    • Viflow 4.5 Enterprise
    • Viflow 4.5 Reporter
  • Others
    • MS Office
    • MS Access


The company was founded in Summer 2009 as sat science GmbH, located in Worms. The resignation of one of the partners made a new company nome necessary. The renaming into "iUS Institut für Umwelttechnologien und Strahlenschutz GmbH" (i.e. iUS Institute for Environmental Technologies and Radiation Protection Ltd) was concluded simultanously with the transfer of the companies seat to Aschaffenburg in Summer 2012.


Dr. Josef Salvamoser

as founder of the Institut für Isotopen-,Gas- und Umweltuntersuchungen is well known for his excellent professional record. His experience in measurement technologies and in the development of measurement equipment are the basis for individual solutions.

Frank Ambos

is the managing director of sat. Kerntechnik GmbH and is working in decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities since many years.

Franz Borrmann

has experience licensing, decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilites from various perspectives during his work for universities, regulators and consulting companies. The ability to change the point of view is advantagous for both our customers from industry and regulators.