Hazardous Materials

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Hazardous Materials and Work Safety


We offer consulting services to cope with your challenges in the following fields:

  • Management of Hazardous Materials
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Work Safety, with a focus on Hazardous Materials and its Use
  • Licensing strategies and licensing management
  • Project Management for Decontamination- and Remediation Projects
  • Process Management especially for processes dealing with hazardous materials or relevant for work safety
  • Assessment of environmental and work safety related measurements, toxicological questions.

As independent consultant we will identify suitable solutions, will determine potential for optimisation and will prepare for the road leading to such solutions.

Reports, Studies, Licensing Documentation

According to your actual needs we will elaborate reports, studies and licensing documentation. Depending on your requirements, we will negotiate with authorities and other stakeholders or provide for assistance during such negotiations.

Sampling and Measurement Technologies

Together with our partners we plan and conduct all kind of sampling and measurement campaigns, i.a. in the following fields:

  • Clearance of freight containers suspect to fumigation or to mould infestation.
  • Answering of specific questions by analytical and/or chemometrical means