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Map of Clients and Projects

{{#widget:Google Maps |width=1024 |height=500 |lat=49.961643 |lng=9.135458 |zoom=2 | |marker.AT.lng=16.3 |marker.AT.title=Wien |marker.AT.letter=A |marker.AT.text=<a href=Österreich /a> Österreich | |marker.US.lng=-73.95 |marker.US.title=New York |marker.US.letter=V |marker.US.text=<a href= /a> Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | |marker.DE.lng=13.5 |marker.DE.title=Berlin |marker.DE.letter=D |marker.DE.text=<a href= /a> Deutschland | |marker.IT.lng=12.29 |marker.IT.title=Rom |marker.IT.letter=I |marker.IT.text=<a href= /a> Italien | |marker.JP.lng=139.75 |marker.JP.title=Tokio |marker.JP.letter=J |marker.JP.text=<a href= /a> Japan | |marker.LU.lng=6.1 |marker.LU.title=Luxemburg |marker.LU.letter=L |marker.LU.text=<a href= /a> Luxemburg | |marker.UA.lng=30.5 |marker.UA.title=Kiew |marker.UA.letter=U |marker.UA.text=<a href= /a> Ukraine | |marker.FR.lng=2.3 |marker.FR.title=Paris |marker.FR.letter=F |marker.FR.text=<a href= /a> Frankreich | |marker.SK.lng=17.1 |marker.SK.title=Bratislava |marker.SK.letter=S |marker.SK.text=<a href= Republik /a> Slowakische Republik | |marker.LT.lng=25.3 |marker.LT.title=Vilnius |marker.LT.letter=T |marker.LT.text=<a href= /a> Litauen | |marker.BG.lng=23.3 |marker.BG.title=Sofia |marker.BG.letter=B |marker.BG.text=<a href= /a> Bulgarien }}

By clicking on the marker you obtain a link to the respective list.

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